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The Climate Resilience and Sustainability Division (CRSD)is a dedicated organizational unit focuses on addressing climate change, promoting sustainability, and enhancing resilience to environmental challenges. Its primary goal is to develop and implement strategies, initiatives, and policies aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change and ensuring the long-term sustainability through a range of activities as follows:

1. Climate Mitigation and Adaptation: Developing and implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the changing climate, such as energy efficiency programs and resilient infrastructure projects.

2. Sustainability Initiatives: Promoting sustainability by fostering environmentally responsible practices, reducing waste, and increasing resource efficiency in daily operations.

3. Policy Development: Formulating and advocating for policies that align with global climate agreements and sustainability goals, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

4. Research and Analysis: Conducting studies, research, and data analysis to assess environmental impacts, identify areas of improvement, and stay informed about the latest developments in climate science and sustainability.

5. Education and Outreach: Raising awareness and providing training and education to employees, stakeholders, and the broader community on climate change, sustainability, and resilience.

6. Collaboration: Collaborating with other divisions, organizations, and government bodies to advance shared sustainability and climate resilience goals.